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bcm4400 for RedHat Linux 9

Unofficial RedHat Linux 9 RPMS for Broadcom BCM4400 Linux Network Driver Version 2.0.2 for the network card in the ASUS P4PE mother board

Notes on Digital Photography with GNU/Linux

Accessing Digital Photography Storage Cards with GNU/Linux (HTML)

Using Digital Still Photography Devices with GNU/Linux (HTML)

gPhoto 0.x

In early 1998 I bought my first digital Olympus camera with a RS-232 serial interface. A while later the GNU Photo project was launched in co-operation with Scott Fritzinger. The original application, gPhoto, was based on the camera library in photopc and soon released under the GNU General Public License as a GTK+ 1.2 frontend. Eventually gPhoto shipped with 19 different camera drivers, but it's now obsoleted by libgphoto2 and gtkam.


In 2001 GPhoto was maintained on savannah.gnu.org by Fabrice Bellet who wrote the Olympus USB driver and implemented GNOME Canvas support and Phill Hugo who wrote the Konica driver and maintained it on savannah.gnu.org.

gphoto 0.6.1

GNOME Internet Radio Locator

GNOME Internet Radio Locator (2.0.6)

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GNOME Radio 45

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