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Mostly deprecated stuff

bcm4400 for RedHat Linux 9

Unofficial RedHat Linux 9 RPMS for Broadcom BCM4400 Linux Network Driver Version 2.0.2 for the network card in the ASUS P4PE mother board

Notes on Digital Photography with GNU/Linux

Accessing Digital Photography Storage Cards with GNU/Linux (HTML)

Using Digital Still Photography Devices with GNU/Linux (HTML)

gPhoto 0.x

In early 1998 I bought my first digital Olympus camera with a RS-232 serial interface. A while later the GNU Photo project was launched in co-operation with Scott Fritzinger. The original application, gPhoto, was based on the camera library in photopc and soon released under the GNU General Public License as a GTK+ 1.2 frontend. Eventually gPhoto shipped with 19 different camera drivers, but it's now obsoleted by libgphoto2 and gtkam.

gphoto 0.4.2

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